Carpets and Pets – Do They Mix?

When people say “they have pets in the house” the first thing that comes to mind is pet urine and hair in the carpet.

So what do you do when you want carpet in your house and you can’t let go of your pets? The answer is to choose your carpet wisely and to take a little time to maintain your carpet.

Here are some tips in finding carpet that will suit you and your pet:

1)     Choose wall-to-wall carpeting or go for carpet tiles.

  • Our furry friends tend to play with anything loose like rugs or mats. This also prevents our pets from slipping when stepping on loose fabric or rugs.
  • Carpet tiles can also do the trick. This enables you to replace only the damaged sections of the carpet easily instead of replacing a full room of carpet.

2)     Choose nylon carpet over wool. Nylon is less absorbent than wool making it easier to properly clean up after any accidents

3)     Carpet colour and patterns can play a part as well. Some colours and/or patterns can hide or lessen visibility of pet hair in the carpet. It’s sometimes best to choose a carpet colour that matches your pets’ fur colour.

For houses with pets, regular cleaning is important to keep your carpet healthy and looking good. Here are a few suggestions:

1)      Vacuum regularly to remove dirt, dust and contaminants from your carpet. This will make your living environment healthier for your family and your pet as well as improving the life of your carpet. Choose a vacuum with a roller brush and a HEPA and repeatedly vacuum to remove as much pet hair as possible. If not vacuumed regularly, the pet hair will tangle with the carpet fibre over time and making it more difficult to remove. Ideally, vacuum twice a week.

2)     If there are any toileting accidents from your pets, treat them quickly. Here are some tips for treating fresh urine stains.

3)     Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The oil in your pets fur will stick to the carpet attracting soiling that can’t be removed with general vacuuming. We recommend professional carpet cleaning twice a year for houses with pets that spend a lot of time inside.


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